2020 Youth Representative Podcast

Our world is changing at a uniquely rapid pace and the challenges we now face are unprecedented. 

For the Future is a podcast by young people for young people. This podcast aims to inspire, empower and educate listeners through exploration of issues deemed most important to young Australians. 

After watching the 2019 Youth Representative to the United Nations, Kareem El-Ansary, share the stories of countless young people, Lucy and Sean were inspired to continue his work despite the challenges of our current isolated environment. 

Through a range of diverse topics, hosts Lucy and Sean will interview, engage with and discuss critical issues with those actively involved in the youth sector. Our most important guests will, of course, be the young people themselves. 

Through 2020 and beyond, For the Future will be a platform for the Australian Youth Representative and UN Youth Australia to highlight the incredible stories of young people across the country. 

From employment, gender inequality, mental health, and the environment join us as we explore what young people are doing to make a difference in their communities and what you can do to create your own change.


The Youth Representative program has had a unique impact in Australia.

100,000+ young people consulted with across the program’s history.
21 Annual Statements to the United Nations across as many years of the program.
150+ meetings organised by the Youth Rep team and young people since the 2016 federal election.
10 simple recommendations for policymakers in the 2019 YOUTH REP REPORT.

What is the Youth Rep?

The Youth Representative to the United Nations program, first established in 1999, is the only role of its kind in Australia. Appointed annually by UN Youth Australia and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Youth Representative holds an extensive, nationwide consultation to engage with and discover the issues most important to young Australians.

Known as the Listening Tour, this consultation process sees the Youth Representative meet not only with young people, but also with prominent members of the Australian community. This includes MPs, NGO leaders and those involved in the youth and education sectors.

In September, the Youth Representative travels to New York to represent Australian youth at the United Nations, as a member of the Official Australian Delegation to the UN. There, the Youth Representative delivers a speech on their findings during the Listening Tour. Upon their return to Australia, they deliver a report to state and federal governments on the year’s consultations.


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