About Crisis Point

UN Youth Australia aims to allow young people to explore and engage with the most important issues facing our world.

Our Crisis Point Summits are one day conferences held all across Australia that allow students to put themselves in the shoes of key stakeholders, and to propose solutions and strategies in real time for a variety of issues! 

Crisis Point is a one day summit structured around an Interactive Problem Solving Activity. Students will be given a briefing about an important issue in our world today, and will be posed a problem that they need to fix. Working in teams, they will need to work together with each other and with other stakeholders to manage the crisis, and ensure the best outcome possible!

In the interest of keeping our conferences accessible to all, no further details will be revealed until students arrive on the day. Don’t worry though, absolutely no research or prior knowledge is required to participate!

Join us for an event that will gather 50 young Tasmanians from around the state to discuss, learn, and debate issues of global significance!

It’s important to note that Crisis Point will be held online on an efficient site called Zoom! If you want to attend registrations are OPEN!

Feel free to email our President at gideon.daley@371rj.cn if you have any questions!

Key Details

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When: 9th May 2020

Where: Zoom (online)

Who: Students in years 9 – 12!

Cost: $10

If you have any questions about the event, please contact the President.

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