About Crisis Point

Crisis Point is a half-day conference that puts delegates (students) in the shoes of key stakeholders and diplomats who must broker solutions in real-time to pressing diplomatic disputes through Interactive Problem Solving! 

Join us on Zoom on Saturday 22nd August for a real-time simulation of an American political crisis, where the outcome is controlled by you and the decisions you make. This Interactive Problem Solving activity will transform you into a US Senator and force you to think quickly, negotiate with others and employ masterful strategies to gain the upper hand in your bid for control over the US Government. Working in teams of like-minded peers, you’ll be fully briefed and tasked with resolving an unfolding crisis of confidence in the American political system, security state and economic machine.

Interactive Problem Solving?

An Interactive Problem Solving (IPS) activity breaks students up into different groups that each represent different stakeholders in a national or international conflict between three or more parties. Each stakeholder group may be a political party, a country, an international organisation or a bloc (a group) of different countries united for a common purpose. Each stakeholder group will be presented with a briefing which outlines the issue at hand and which contextualises the dispute. Each stakeholder group will also be presented with specific information about the strategic objectives they wish to achieve, this information will be secret and known only by the group. The different stakeholder groups will then need to work together with each other and with the other stakeholder groups in order to manage the crisis and ensure the best outcome possible; this will be achieved through diplomacy and negotiation with the other stakeholder groups and also internally as conflict will often exist within stakeholder groups as well.

All parties to the crisis will receive updates (made available to all stakeholder groups) from the Crisis Master through a Twitter feed. Students should think of this Twitter feed as providing breaking news. Through the Twitter feed, the Crisis Master will also reveal the consequences of each decision made by the various stakeholder groups during the simulation crisis. Each stakeholder group will need to respond accordingly to these updates. These updates will usually escalate the crisis and make the dispute grow in complexity. Anything can happen in an IPS activity and the only limit is the imagination of the participants!

Each stakeholder group will be in a separate breakout room on Zoom so that communications are confidential. Communications between stakeholder groups will be conducted through UN Youth NSW facilitators and through delegates, acting on behalf of their stakeholder group, going into a breakout room on Zoom with a representative from the other stakeholder group/s for one-on-one negotiations.

Crisis Point is a unique opportunity for students in Years 9-12 to develop their diplomacy and negotiation skills as well as their critical thinking skills and decision-making capacity. Among the chaos, delegates begin to gain a greater understanding of the complexities that political conflicts hold. Delegates are not required to have any prior knowledge nor are they required to conduct any prior research to be able to participate in Crisis Point.

Key Information

When: Saturday 22nd August from 10.00am to 3.00pm

Where: Zoom (online) (you will need access to a computer in a quiet location with a working webcam + microphone)

Who: New South Wales students in Years 9 – 12

Cost: $15.00 Per Person

If you have any questions about the event, you can contact Garima Sharma, the NSW Director of Operations, via email at nswops@371rj.cn.

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